Club House

Clandestinely located out the back of Club Meatballs is The Club House which also doubles as the showroom for BW Furniture (more on them below). This is where you come to hang out during the day and get some serious work done while drinking coffee expertly roasted by the characters from Sarnies. They also make some of the finest cold pressed juices in the land and if you get hungry you can fill up on an ever changing array of Jaffles (Australian style toasties), salads and muffins.

About BW

The concept is the brainchild of BW Furniture who is one of the best-known furniture companies in Asia. BW represents some of the top furniture brands in the world and has been servicing the market in Asia for 10 years. Wanting to get closer to their clients in the centre of Singapore, BW came up with the concept of creating a design centre where their clients can freely work, meet, eat and drink in a hospitality environment conducive to working away from their desks.